Report: New move of Cosmos, it all starts with interchain

This article analyzes the significance of the Cosmoverse conference in 3 parts: (1) a comprehensive description and analysis of the […]

Huobi in 2022: Where we are and where we’re heading

On September 29, Huobi’s Senior Institional Sales Manager Dhruv Shah spoke at Token 2049 about the company’s current situation and […]

Report: Post-Diem — An outlook for next-gen L1 chains

L1 chain infrastructure has been the center of the crypto narrative. Technically, L1 chains have been making breakthroughs in consensus […]

What asset managers’ crypto forays mean for retail investors

Lily Zhang Huobi Group CFO The growing trend of traditional asset managers muscling into digital assets has picked up pace […]

Weekly Report: ETHW & ETF — The State of Hard Forks Post ETH Merge

The ETH 2.0 merge was officially completed on September 15th, and ETH entered the POS era. For now, ETHW and […]

Huobi Global Co-founder, CEO speak at Token 2049 Singapore pre-opening party

Over 700 guests of Huobi Global were treated to an evening of drinks, networking and insights from Huobi’s top executives […]

Weekly Report: ETHW & ETF — The State of Hard Forks Post ETH Merge

The ETH 2.0 merge was officially completed on September 15th, and ETH entered the POS era. For now, ETHW and […]

Report: A New Launch Tactic For Service DAO – Locked Time-Based Privilege Auction

Launch tactics refer to the strategy adopted by crypto projects to enter the market. This is not only an important […]

Is crypto an effective hedge against inflation?

Lily Zhang Huobi Group CFO Inflation is rearing its ugly head around the world, as economies exit from Covid-19 restrictions […]

Weekly Report: Comparing Different Fan Tokens

With the World Cup approaching and the recent sports football eventsin Europe, fan tokens of various clubs and countries have […]

How blockchain can power the growth of cities

Lily Zhang Huobi Group CFO According to the World Bank, nearly 7 in 10 people in the world will be […]

How should different ETH participants avoid Merge risks?

The long-anticipated Ethereum (ETH) Merge has entered the countdown period. The Merge, which is a crucial part of the long-term […]

Report: NFT Royalty Reform — Where is the Industry Headed?

The NFT market has observed stiff competition between platforms in the current bear market. Recently, trading platforms such as X2Y2 […]

Weekly Report: GMX — An Innovative Decentralized Spot and Perpetual Exchange

In the crypto bear market, most decentralized spot and perpetual exchanges’ volumes have declined. However, GMX, one of the on-chain […]

Does the Ethereum Merge signal a greener future for crypto?

Amid the anticipatory buzz over the upcoming Ethereum Merge, there’s one thing that stands out as an upside for the […]

How does slippage, market depth and liquidity affect your profits?

When trading cryptocurrencies, market depth, slippage and liquidity are among several frequently mentioned terms which could affect an investor’s cost […]

Report: Gold mines in the future – Insights from interviews with 20 institutional investors

The crypto industry is continuously changing, as has the focus of institutional investors in the crypto space. Huobi Research interviewed […]

Weekly report: Analyzing Canto’s value

With TVL suddenly increasing by US$80 million in 8 days, CANTO, a new public chain, is quickly coming into the […]

Weekly Report: BendDAO – Discussing the liquidity risk

NFT lending protocol BendDAO has been undergoing a liquidity crisis. A large amount of ETH deposits have been withdrawn over […]

Report: Can NFTfi boost the NFT market?

To solve liquidity issues in the NFT space, financial applications and tools for NFT are emerging in the market. These […]

Report: Reverse Repurchase Agreements as an Indicator for BTC

This report explores the relationship between Reverse Repurchase Agreements (RRP) and Bitcoin price movements. Inverted RRP is a useful indicator […]

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Scrutinizing stablecoins: Not all are equal

Learn about the different types of stablecoins available in the cryptocurrency market today Last week’s depegging of stablecoin HUSD and […]

All about ETH 2.0 and how it differs from ETH 1.0

As the long-anticipated Ethereum merge, slated for mid-September approaches, discussions about what  ETH 2.0 is have come fast and furious. […]

Metaverse may hold key to reversing GameFi’s decline

Is it game over for GameFi? Of late, this question may be top of mind among the crypto and blockchain […]

Weekly Report: .bit, a blockchain-based open source and decentralized cross-chain account system

A good DID project is .bit, which was previously called DAS. This article explains the principle of .bit, its advantages, […]

Weekly Report: Tornado Cash and other opportunities in the privacy sector

With the U.S. Treasury sanctioning Tornado Cash on August 8, the biggest token mixing pool shut down immediately. Tornado Cash […]

Can crypto still help investors diversify their portfolios?

Lily Zhang Huobi Group CFO The recent market downturn has drawn crypto investors’ attention not just to digital assets’ returns […]

Report: Deep dive on Ethereum: Hard fork risks and opportunities

The Merge project, backed by the Ethereum Foundation, has always laid claim to a strong community consensus, and hard fork […]

Ethereum’s big merge: Four trends to watch

Beyond increasing the blockchain’s efficiency and reducing its environmental impact, the upcoming Merge of Ethereum – expected to kick off […]

Why Liquidity Matters to Crypto Exchanges and Investors

Lily Zhang Huobi Group CFO Following the Terra-Luna collapse which shook the crypto industry, there appears to be no let-up […]

Huobi Live: The Next Big Thing for Crypto

In the 90s, televised home shopping shows on QVC soared in popularity in the United States. To bring the shopping […]

Web3’s promise of anonymity and privacy leaves it susceptible to hackers. Here’s why

Today, Web3 promises to build verifiability into core networks, enabling content and programs to link directly to each other without […]

Report: Will there be a Surge after the Merge? A Quantitative Analysis of Post-Merge Impact on the Market

The Merge of Ethereum, the migration of the network consensus scheme from Proof of Work (POW) to Proof of Stake […]

Weekly Report: Sui – A boundless platform to build rich and dynamic on-chain assets

Sui is the first permissionless Layer 1 blockchain with POS (Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism designed from the ground up […]

Three lessons from the Solana wallet hack

By Du Jun Huobi Group Co-founder In the latest large-scale attack that rocked the crypto industry, more than 9,000 Solana […]

Weekly Report: Aptos – A new layer 1 blockchain with excellent performance

Aptos has attracted a lot of attention thanks to its massive funding round and star investor lineup. Although the mainnet […]

Why Licenses Matter to Crypto Exchanges

By Lily Zhang, Huobi Group CFO The global cryptocurrency industry is coming under increasing oversight and regulation. In March, U.S. […]

Report: Web3 middleware – The bet on infrastructures

Despite the six years of blockchain development along the likes of decentralized infrastructure and GameFi, there remains roadblocks that hinder […]

Report: The Birth of ERC-4626 to DeFi

As current tokenized vaults are mostly deployed in lending and borrowing, yield aggregators, and stakings in DeFi, yield-bearing tokens minted […]

How Customer-Focused Values Can Help Crypto Industry Rebuild Trust

Lily Zhang Huobi Group CFO The recent crypto market correction continues to be in the public spotlight, with some even […]

Weekly Industry Report: Banksea Finance — The world’s first NFT pool-based lending platform

Banksea Finance is the world’s first NFT pool-based lending platform. We explore how Banksea Finance is revolutionizing the way we […]

Report: Bottom indicators showcase potential market direction

This article tries to illustrate market player behaviors that have historically taken place during market bottoms. The market behaviors are […]

Report: Wyckoff Methodology on BTC & ETH local bottom formation

The crypto market has bounced back from its mid-June low. Bitcoin (BTC) has reclaimed the US$22,500 resistance level while Ethereum […]

Seizing the Web3 chance despite bearish sentiments

The cryptocurrency market is continuing its downward trend that started end last year, and the prices of Bitcoin (BTC) and […]

Report: The Foundation of Inter-chain Value Flow: Interpretation of Cross-chain Solutions

There are currently many challenges in the cross-chain bridge space that need to be solved, especially in terms of interoperability. […]

Huobi Global Agrees to Partner with the Pyth Network

19 July 2022 | London, UK – Pyth network, a next generation oracle solution, today announced a new data-sharing partnership […]

Why the Crypto Winter is the Industry’s Litmus Test

Lily Zhang CFO, Huobi Group The crypto industry is currently experiencing what many observers call its hardest “winter” – a […]

Weekly Industry Report: Sudoswap AMM, is it any better?

Sudoswap has released its SudoAMM, a concentrated liquidity AMM protocol designed specifically for NFTs. We will be exploring what SudoAMM […]

Competition between NFT marketplaces to benefit users: Huobi Research Institute

Despite the bloodbath the NFT market has endured over the past three months, platforms in both the Web3 and Web2 […]

Weekly Industry Report: Will USN 2.0 withstand the bear and thrive in a bull market?

On June 30, Decentral Bank, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), announced USN version 2 (v2.0) update of their current system. […]

Ethereum Merge to Drive Performance, Energy Efficiency and Deflation: Huobi Research Institute

The current Ethereum Mainnet will complete the transition from proof-of-work (POW) to proof-of-stake (POS) by merging with the Beacon Chain, […]

Press release: NFTs to Reshape the Future of Fashion: Huobi Research Institute

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are set to reshape the future of the global fashion industry by driving product innovation, production processes, […]

Weekly Industry Report: Will USDT be the next stablecoin that collapses?

Tether’s USDT lost its peg to the US dollar briefly when Terra’s UST imploded. Hedge funds are now shorting BTC […]

Middleware is Key to Improving Blockchain’s Fragmented Dapp Landscape

In this latest report by Huobi Ventures’ Jinbin Xie, we discuss the development of unified middleware and how it can […]

Weekly Industry Report: Euler, a Truly Permissionless DeFi Lending Protocol

This week’s report analyzes Euler, a permissionless lending protocol that is intricately designed to allow its users to be able […]

Report: Fixed-rate DeFi Protocols: Bear Market Haven?

Although DeFi fixed-rate products scored quite well user number and TVL wise in their earlier launch phases, the drawbacks, such […]

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Weekly Industry Report: Optimism and the Fed’s Proposed Encryption Framework

This week, we focus on the following events: 1) Optimism launches Optimism Ecological Foundation; 2) Crypto startup KaJ Labs closes […]

Report: Can Terra be Rescued, and How?

Luna prices fell from US$87 on 7 May 2022 to US$0.0002 at the time of writing. Meanwhile, its widely adopted […]

Report: 2022 NFT Market Trends – January to May

From the January bull run to the current lull, this report from Huobi Research Institute examines the factors that have […]

bitcoins and u s dollar bills

Strategy report: How will the May FOMC meeting affect Bitcoin? (Part 1)

Global capital markets have crashed, and one of the main points of interest raised by the Federal Open Market Committee […]

Industry report: NFT lending and Musk’s Twitter buy

This week, we focus on the following events: 1) Elon Musk strikes deal to buy Twitter for US$44 billion; 2) […]

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Strategy Report: MEME coin boom is back

Although the time points and magnitude of increase are different, the market performance has shown that the craze of MEME […]

zkEVM: the Cure to Ethereum’s Scaling Problems

Ethereum, the world’s second most widely used blockchain network, has a scaling problem. With the number of Dapps and users […]

Huobi Futures: Driving DeFi legitimacy

Derivative products such as crypto futures have grown in popularity since DeFi’s inception, and innovative products like Huobi Futures and […]

What are liquidity pools?

Decentralized exchanges (dexs) are similar to traditional or centralized exchanges (cexs) in that they require a high level of liquidity […]

What is yield farming?

If you want to put your tokens to work to earn additional revenue, it’s imperative you familiarize yourself with yield […]

What is impermanent loss?

Impermanent loss is one of the possible risks related to DeFi — more specifically, automated market makers (AMMs) and liquidity pools. DeFi aims […]

What are cross-chain bridges?

In our lesson on chain interoperability, we learned that blockchains are currently siloed ecosystems that can’t yet effectively communicate and share […]

What is an exponential moving average?

It’s not unusual to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information on trading interfaces, which is why moving averages […]

What is the RSI indicator?

The relative strength index (RSI) is one of the leading crypto trading indicators. It enables you to predict token price […]

How to Pool ARB Airdrops to Huobi?

Briefing Layer 2 project Arbitrum will airdrop ARB, its new governance token, to community members on March 23. With a […]

A Complete Guide: How to Mint a Dominica Metaverse Bound Token (DMBT) on Huobi

Dominica Metaverse Bound Token (DMBT) is a digital identity credential launched by Huobi, Tron, and DMC Labs under the authorization […]

Purchasing Crypto with Fiat

One of the first questions people ask when they get started in the crypto space is “How do I buy […]