Huobi Global Launches First Ever APAC Prestige Investor Summit

Huobi Global Launches First Ever APAC Prestige Investor Summit

SINGAPORE — November 14, 2018 As the first step to establishing its brand-new offices in Asia Square as the central hub for quantitative, API, and institutional cryptocurrency trading in the Asia Pacific region, Huobi Global hosted its first ever APAC Prestige Investors Seminar on Monday.

One hundred top-level quantitative traders attended the event to hear industry experts like Justin Chow, Head of Business Development of Cumberland, John Lin, CEO and Founder of Tilde, and Damien Loh, Chief Investment Officer of Ensemble Capital, share exclusive market insights and observations. Topics included the role of artificial intelligence in crypto trading, tail risk within cryptocurrency markets, and the use of quantitative trading in cryptocurrency trading.

“The cryptocurrency market is a fast-maturing one and, as this occurs, more and more institutional investors will be seeking to participate in it,” said Edward Chen, Huobi’s APAC Managing Director. “Opening Huobi up to more elite investors in the region aligns closely with our global strategy.”

Huobi Global also used the occasion to announce the launch of its Prestige Investors Club, an exclusive, invite-only organization for quantitative, institutional, and other elite level traders. Among other benefits, membership includes dedicated account managers, high quality engineering support for API trading, and invitations to monthly roundtable discussions focusing on specific crypto matters.

The event also featured an awards ceremony, where some of cryptocurrency trading’s brightest minds were recognized.

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