Huobi Global Elites

The Huobi Global Elites program is created to expand the global business of Huobi and establish itself as the world’s largest digital asset trading platform. In this program we would enlist blockchain professionals from targeted regions to achieve this together with us.

Huobi’s vision is to grow the business together with Huobi Global Elites through the sharing of knowledge and resources. The Global Elites who are successful in the building a large market would have the opportunity to take part in creating an independent exchange for that region. (for example, Huobi’s Korean exchange).

During the 1st Phase, 20-30 Huobi Global Elites will be enlisted from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Individuals from other regions not mentioned above are more than welcome to apply.

Duties of Huobi Global Elites
1. Maintain the brand image of Huobi, achieve the business objectives, platform construction and growing of new businesses in the region.
2. Responsible for online and offline community operations to grow new users and service existing users.
3. Jointly establish Huobi’s regional exchange, including website development, marketing, operations and community building.
4. Expand and maintain local customer resource and accomplish the goal of maintaining new customers
5. Jointly improve the related products of Huobi, provide feedback on customer’s suggestions in the region.
6. To promote the development of regional blockchain ecosystem and identify users’ risks.
7. Involved in providing branding, marketing operations support and influencing business growth in the region.
8. Act as Huobi’s brand ambassador, responsible for implementation of the regional and head quarters’ market execution plan.

Benefits of the Global Elites Program
1. Profit Sharing – Global Elites are entitled to a share of Huobi Global’s profits, by earning commissions of up to 40% of their referrals’ trading fees for 24 months
2. Year-End Bonus – Incentive year-end HT bonus for Global Elites who have contributed to the business growth in their designated region (Huobi Tokens will be given to Global Elites who surpass their annual KPIs, subject to Huobi’s discretion)
3. OTC Account – Global Elites will be provided with an OTC certified merchant account, enabling them to sell cryptocurrency for fiat currency
4. Brand Equity – Able to leverage on Huobi’s reputation and global reach to bring credibility to our Global Elites as strategic partners
5. Global Blockchain Events – Invitations and access to Huobi Global’s events, summits and conferences across the globe and (after passing a due diligence review) enjoy the opportunity to participate as special guest speakers
6. Continuous Training and Development – Participation in industry-related and in-depth business training only for Global Elites (high-quality Global Elites may undertake the most professional training brand in the industry: qualification as the joint regional organizers of Huobi Business School)

Access to various verticals of Huobi Global’s Ecosystem
1. Huobi Capital – Huobi’s venture capital arm focusing on investments in the blockchain industry
2. Huobi Global Ecological Fund – An ecological and blockchain industry specific fund dedicated to serving the upstream and downstream development of the global blockchain industry
3. Huobi Labs – Providing full support and comprehensive services for blockchain entrepreneurial teams in many aspects such as industry resources, technology, capital and transactions
4. Huobi Blockchain Research Institute – Committed to exploring the growth potential of Blockchain assets by a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods
5. Huobi Innovative Blockchain Laboratory – Dedicated to the engineering and experimentation of Blockchain technologies
6. Huobi Information – A professional and comprehensive information and research service platform in the vertical field of blockchain

Huobi Global Elites Selection Requirements:
1. Has a wide-reaching local network and resources to grow regional business.
2. Has extensive experience in team management, community building and understanding of how an exchange business operates.
3. Has a long-term optimistic outlook about blockchain and digital assets, coupled with years of experience in digital asset investment.
4. In compliance with local regulations and shares the vision and values of Huobi.

How to Apply?
We welcome all blockchain professionals to join us as Huobi Elites.
Step 1:Fill up the application at: to express your interest.
Step 2:Send your CV to (see example below).
If you have other queries regarding this program, please email to

Mail Header Format【Global Elites Application – Country/City-Name ***UID*****】
Email content should include the following:

1. Personal Information and Huobi UID
2. Sponsor’s contact information and Huobi UID
3. Introduction of personal Blockchain related industry/entrepreneurial experience, Resources and network within selected designated region.

Process to become a Huobi Global Elite
Upon signing of the contract, the applicant will need to pass a 3 months’ probation period before attaining the Huobi Global Elite status. A certificate of authorization to operate in the designated region will also be awarded to the Global Elite.

Security Deposit to ensure operation compliance:
Global Elites will need to maintain a HT balance in their account only as a security deposit to ensure that Global Elites operate in compliance with the values of Huobi. Failure of compliance to our values will result in the risk of HT deduction as a penalty.