Herbert Sim, Global Operations Director of Huobi Pro, spoke at Blockchain Summit 2018 as the keynote speaker, with his speech entitled “Discover the business potential of blockchain”. The summit was held at The Hangar, National University of Singapore, over the weekend, Saturday, on 10 March, 2018.

Representing Huobi Global – the world’s leading Blockchain asset trading exchange, Herbert shared about the potential of blockchain technology is far beyond the financial sphere. Industries are eager to integrate it into various kinds of applications. Entrepreneurs and investors who are passionate about blockchain are in the summit to share the experience about how to embrace the emerging technology and shed light on whether it will fundamentally change the Singapore startup ecosystems in terms of revolutionary business model and new ways of funding channel.

Other speakers include: Kenneth Tan, COO at FundYourselfNow; Zhuang Zhong, development lead, Bitmain; Leonard Tan, Lead Blockchain Developer in ToshIndex; and Casper Johansen, co-founder of Spartan Group.

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