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Blockchain 101 Episode 69 – Classification and Application of Blockchain Projects

Judging from the current mainstream blockchain project, There are 4 main types of Blockchain projects First: Cryptocurrencies Second: Platforms Third: […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 68 – Hard Fork Ethereum & Ethereum Classic

Ethereum and Ethereum Classic is a case study of a hard fork. The DAO plan builds a crowdfunding platform based […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 67 – What is a Replay Attack?

If Bitcoin experiences a fork, the biggest risk faced by an average user Is a replay attack. What is it? […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 66 – What is the difference between soft fork and hard fork?

For hard forks, after the change in Bitcoin protocol, old nodes will reject blocks created by new nodes since it […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 65 – Bitcoin giving birth

There are many proposed scaling solutions from the Bitcoin Community. If any solution receives enough hashrate support it will be […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 64 – What is a blockchain fork?

In a centralized system, to perform software upgrades, you simply need to click on “Upgrade” in the app store. However, […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 63 – What is Segregated Witness SegWit

SegWit is a solution to increase the scalability of blockchain and has already been successfully implemented on Litecoin and Bitcoin. […]

Cryptocurrency Margin Trading With Bibi

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Blockchain 101 Episode 62 – Why does Bitcoin need to scale?

Bitcoin’s current block size limit is 1MB and processes about 7 transactions per second. With the constant increase in Bitcoin’s […]

Blockchain 101 Episode 61 – What is scalability?

When Bitcoin was first created, Satoshi Nakamoto did not intentionally limit the block size, with the largest block reaching up […]