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NFT market gains attention: But its future needs long term development

A new report by Huobi Research Institute has highlighted the increasing attention the NFT market is getting from both inside […]

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Strategy Report: MEME coin boom is back

Although the time points and magnitude of increase are different, the market performance has shown that the craze of MEME […]

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Industry Report: Market News, NFT Sales and More

This week, we focus on the following events: 1) The ongoing impact of STEPN’s Twitter; 2) US$200 million debut sales […]

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Industry Report: NFT, STEPN and Tokenomics

In latest Huobi Research Institute Weekly Industry Report states that NFT is continuing to enjoy success, with total transaction volume […]

Web 1, Web 2, & Web 3 Explained

What is Web 3? Why are many people talking about Web 3? What can Web 3 bring to us? What […]

Huobi Research: Hold on the Price Rebound from the Russia – Ukraine War

Abstract: With the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, the Bretton Woods system II, led by the US dollar,is in danger […]

Huobi Research: StepN: Move-to-Earn without the Ponzi

On April 6th 2022, Huobi Research Institute, the leading blockchain research organization, published a report titled “StepN: Move-to-Earn without the […]

Huobi Research: The Future of Blockchain Games: An In-Depth Analysis

Blockchain games today face problems around poor gameplay experience, short life cycles and capital transfers. Nonetheless, blockchain gaming has disrupted […]

Weekly News Recap: Ethereum Testnet Successfully Transitions to Proof-of-Stake and More

Welcome back to this week’s wrap up of the crypto markets. In a major breakthrough, last week the Ethereum testnet successfully […]

Huobi Research: Weekly Report Vol. 203

Huobi Research is a blockchain industry think tank affiliated with Huobi Global. Our weekly reports provide the latest data on […]