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Report: New move of Cosmos, it all starts with interchain

This article analyzes the significance of the Cosmoverse conference in 3 parts: (1) a comprehensive description and analysis of the […]

Report: Post-Diem — An outlook for next-gen L1 chains

L1 chain infrastructure has been the center of the crypto narrative. Technically, L1 chains have been making breakthroughs in consensus […]

Report: NFT Royalty Reform — Where is the Industry Headed?

The NFT market has observed stiff competition between platforms in the current bear market. Recently, trading platforms such as X2Y2 […]

Does the Ethereum Merge signal a greener future for crypto?

Amid the anticipatory buzz over the upcoming Ethereum Merge, there’s one thing that stands out as an upside for the […]

3 Exciting Changes On The Way For Huobi Prime

Planning on joining us Tuesday, April 16? Then you’ll want to read this article.

Huobi Prime In 3 Easy Steps: A Complete Guide

Want to learn more about Huobi Prime, Huobi Global’s cutting-edge new platform that gives you early access to up-and-coming premium […]