How to Participate and Vote?

source: Huobi Learn


1. Where can I participate?

You can participate by clicking on the banner on the homepage. You can also click on the “Newlisting” on the homepage. If you can’t find it, you can also click on “More”, then under “Activities and Bonus”, find the current Primevote#7.

2. What is a ‘rocket’?

The number of “rocket points” will be calculated based on the 30-day average balance in your Huobi account. 1 USDT = 1 “rocket point”/1 vote. The number of votes for this Primevote is equal to the rocket number in your account on August 2nd (snapshot)

3. I think my rocket number is incorrect.

If you believe the Rocket number is incorrect, it might be due to the following reasons:a. Rocket number is calculated based on your 30-day average asset balance. For instance, if your balance was 0 for the past 29 days and you deposited 3000U today, your Rocket number tomorrow will be 100 rockets because it is averaged over 30 days. The next day, it will become 200, and so forth.b. Different assets have different conversion multipliers: 🚀HT:3 🚀TRX: 1.5 🚀BTC & ETH: 1.2 🚀CMC Top 100: 1 🚀CMC Top 100+: 0.5

4. I deposited money today. Why don’t I have any rockets yet?

Rocket numbers are updated daily at 8 am Singapore time based on account snapshots. If you just deposited today, it will be updated tomorrow. Additionally, it should be noted that the number of votes for this Primevote is based on the Rocket number snapshot on August 2nd. Any changes in Rocket number after the 2nd will be reflected in the next Primevote’s votes, not affecting the current session.

5. Will my assets be frozen? Will this affect my trading?

Rocket number are virtual values used by our platform to reward users. After voting, no assets will be frozen. Users can continue with normal trading and financial operations.

6. If I vote in the preliminary round, will I have no votes left for the finals?

After the preliminary round ends and the finals begin, user votes will be reset. For instance, if a user’s snapshot Rocket number is 100 and they vote with 50 in the preliminary round, it will reset to 100 in the finals. In short, no matter how a user votes in the preliminary round, they will have the same number of votes in the finals.

7. How can I receive rewards?

In the final round, if you vote for the winning project, you can share the prize pool based on your vote ratio. Votes cast during the preliminary round do not affect prize pool distribution. So a small tip: If you’re unfamiliar with the projects and just want to share the prize pool, you can vote for the first-place project just before the final round ends.

8. When will rewards be distributed? Do I need to apply for it myself?

If you voted for the final winning project, you’ll share the prize pool based on your vote ratio. Rewards are automatically distributed, typically within 7 days after the event concludes.

9. Are leading and following mandatory? Can I vote by myself?

The lead-follow feature is an additional function. You can vote by yourself; there’s no obligation to lead or delegate to someone else.

10. I accidentally clicked on a leader. Can I cancel it?

If no one has followed you yet, you can cancel. If someone has already followed you, the leader status cannot be revoked.

11. I followed someone and now regret it. Can I cancel?

Votes placed by following cannot be revoked. Therefore, before following someone, ensure you trust the leader sufficiently.

Source Link: Huobi Learn