How to Use Badge Mall

What is Badge Mall?

Huobi’s Badge Mall allows users to get rewards by using the badges they have earned. You can participate in lucky draws or directly redeem rewards.

In Badge Mall, you can draw or redeem a reward.

1. If you have a small number of badges, you can participate in a lucky draw to stand to win a reward.

2. If you have a sufficient number of badges, you can redeem rewards directly by using your badges.

Please note that you need to manually claim your rewards on the My Rewards page once you have received them.

How to get badges?

You can get badges through spot and futures trading, Trading Bot, daily check-ins, and other activities such as PrimeBox, MegaTrade, and CandyDrop.

Please note that badges are only valid in the event period where they are obtained, and unused badges will expire and be cleared at the end of the event.

Steps to get rewards in Badge Mall

1. Tap Rewards Hub on the homepage.

2. Choose Badge Mall.

3. If you want to participate in lucky draws, simply tap Draw once or Draw 5 times.

4. If you want to redeem a reward directly, simply tap Redeem.

5. You can view your rewards in My Rewards.