Huobi commits to compliant growth in Southeast Asia and worldwide

With the global cryptocurrency industry coming under increasing oversight and regulation, compliance is a key area of focus for any exchange that has global ambitions. There’s good reason to take compliance seriously – apart from protecting investors, regulations provide market players with greater certainty in doing business. They also raise the bar for the industry, so that only the most trustworthy exchanges meeting regulatory requirements can serve the public.

Strong compliance track record globally

As a leading digital asset exchange with a mission to empower financial freedom across the world, Huobi Group is committed to pursuing compliant growth wherever it operates. We have a strong track record of securing registration in key markets such as the United States, Dubai, Australia, New ZealandSouth KoreaJapan, and Gibraltar.

Southeast Asia, with its large, tech-savvy population and burgeoning middle class, has emerged as one of the world’s leading regions in crypto adoption. It is also home to some of Huobi’s fastest-growing markets.

Huobi’s vision for users

Its key business interests in Southeast Asia are why Huobi is deeply committed to growing its presence and getting registration in the local markets. As many countries around the world have yet to pass legislation to regulate digital exchanges, getting registration in such markets may not be a straightforward process. While this may give rise to short-term uncertainties and raise concerns among the public, this is not something Huobi users should worry about.

As an exchange that puts our users first, we are here to ensure all our users can make deposits and withdrawals on our platform at any time, regardless of market conditions. While some exchanges suspended or limited withdrawals during the extreme market volatility in recent months, our deposits and withdrawals services remained unaffected. We also pledge to keep all users promptly informed of any development that affects them.

Protecting users in Southeast Asia

With the recent heightened crypto risk environment, we believe crypto users in Southeast Asia require more protection than ever to keep their assets safe. As an exchange that makes user asset security its highest priority, Huobi is well-placed to meet their needs. Our comprehensive security system has ensured a zero-security incident track record since our inception in 2013 – a stellar track record that’s unmatched in the industry.

Our users can also enjoy the wide breadth of trading products and services, as well as scale and liquidity, that our industry-leading platform is known for.

As Southeast Asia prospers on the back of its vibrant economies, we look forward to expanding our operations in this region to drive the development of its crypto industry. This will further Huobi’s mission to empower financial freedom, and make crypto accessible for all across the world.

Photo by Peter Nguyen on Unsplash

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