Huobi Live: The Next Big Thing for Crypto

In the 90s, televised home shopping shows on QVC soared in popularity in the United States. To bring the shopping experience to the customer, professional TV hosts would hawk products, including everything from beauty products to clothes and vacuum cleaners, and viewers could call a number on their television screen to make an order.

Fast-forward to the mid-2010s, when halfway around the world in China, home shopping re-manifested itself in livestreaming e-commerce. In a similar fashion, professional hosts on Taobao, an e-commerce marketplace, presented items such as makeup, clothing, and appliances, and viewers could make purchases with a few simple taps on their Alipay app. By 2018, livestream viewers in China surged to over 500 million, and Taobao generated over US$15 billion in livestreaming transactions that year.

Now, a new wave of livestreaming is emerging – not to market e-commerce items, but to promote the latest cryptocurrencies.

Introducing Huobi Live

In March 2022, we launched Huobi Live, a livestreaming platform within the Huobi Global app.

Featuring a host of different cryptocurrency influencers and experts who discuss the latest industry and market trends, Huobi Live shows are also streamed through YouTube and Facebook Live, and viewers will be able to view recordings even after the livestream has ended.

A Huobi Live show

We believe that livestreaming can revolutionize investing. Conventional content marketing uses content to build trust with and educate the end customer. We believe that livestreaming is an upgraded form of this process that can help educate viewers about the investment products they’re buying.

This is important because cryptocurrencies are still an emerging asset class. Typically, before people make investment decisions, they conduct research, whether it be reading reports, looking at financial filings, or analyzing financial data. But in the crypto industry, there aren’t many financial metrics to gauge, investors are putting a lot of money at stake, and there are still many security risks involved. In the recent Solana hack, thousands of wallets were drained of assets, reinforcing the perception that crypto investing is still unsafe.

This is why education is important. In a recent survey conducted by Huobi, 52% of 3,144 respondents reported that they didn’t feel knowledgeable enough about cryptocurrencies to invest in them. More education is needed to reassure investors, and this is where livestreaming can come in.

With Huobi Live, we’ve already seen promising growth. In the second quarter of 2022, 18.9% of Huobi Global users and 12.1% of active trading users watched Huobi Live broadcasts, with some shows generating over 30,000 views per episode. We’ve hosted Justin Sun, founder of Tron, BitTorrent, and currently serving as Grenada’s Ambassador to the United Nations. We’ve also hosted the founders of on-chain liquidity provider DODO, open-source blockchain Eosio, and Polkadot.

Our Huobi Live shows have expanded to cover seven different languages and multiple categories: DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, NFTs, Crypto, K-line analysis, Derivatives, and more. Our proprietary programs, World on the Chain and Huobi X-Change, featuring in-depth interviews with leading industry players, have proved to be particularly popular. Another new exciting program, Crypto Frontline, hosted by the dynamic duo Cassie and Cecilia, analyzes the latest market and industry trends every week. Huobi Talks features a panel of guests every Friday at 11:30 UTC time.

There’s more on the horizon – on August 25, Huobi Live will team up with celebrity metaverse theme park Metacity in a show featuring Metacity CTO Hassan Miah, who will discuss the role the metaverse will play in the blockchain industry. Metacity is known for working with celebrities such as Avril Lavigne, Ian Somerhalder, Russell Simmons, Olivia Palermo, and more. It is a SocialFi platform and a co-create heaven that awaits all to join. As a welcome bonus, Huobi Global will offer new users up to 700 USDT and 100,000 SHIB in incentives to watch the show!

On August 25, Huobi X-Change will feature Metacity CTO Hassan Miah

To watch Huobi Live shows, download the Huobi Global app for Android or iOS, or tune in through our official YouTube and Facebook Live channels.

Huobi Live is also recruiting crypto influencers to host shows on its livestreaming platform, offering up to 60% of user trading commissions to top influencers. If you’re interested in hosting a show on Huobi Live, you can apply here.

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