Middleware is Key to Improving Blockchain’s Fragmented Dapp Landscape

In this latest report by Huobi Ventures’ Jinbin Xie, we discuss the development of unified middleware and how it can be used to resolve common issues caused by a fragmented decentralized application (Dapp) architecture system.

Xie believes that such middleware can aggregate fragmented product forms to make it easier for developers and users to use. Currently, developers have to deal with many different technical standards across public chain platforms, RPC services, and data on different chains.

Additionally, the decentralized nature of the Dapp application architecture translates to a break in connection with the user, without an effective messaging channel. This poses a huge challenge for Dapps in their daily marketing operations, as well as secondary marketing activities.

Download the full report here to better understand how middleware can enable faster, more healthier growth for Dapps.