Huobi Knights Needed!

🏰 Join our quest & aid the Huobi community.

Are you a dedicated Huobi community member?

How would you like to be rewarded for what you do already – helping out your fellow users?

🎉🎉We’re happy to announce we’ve launched an upgraded and improved version of our Huobi Knights super user program. By doing your part to advance the efforts of Huobi and the cause of crypto, you can earn the following great benefits: 

👉For All Huobi Knights:

  • Get invited to all of our events as a privileged guest or organizer
  • Get special access to members of the Huobi team
  • Get special access to our Huobi Knight exclusive CEO monthly AMA
  • Get a Huobi Knight official certificate
  • Get access to our exclusive customer support channel
  • Join Huobi’s talent database
  • Your feedback and suggestions about Huobi will be considered at high priority
  • Get access to Huobi Knight only offline meet ups
  • You will receive limited edition gifts, made only for Huobi Knights

🥇For Top Huobi Knights:

  • Huobi Prime and FastTrack cap
  • Lower trading fees and higher referral rates
  • Sponsored token airdrops for your fans and community
  • Get invited to Huobi office to work with Huobi members (expenses covered)

What do you need to do in return?

We’re currently looking for people to help us out in the following areas:

  • Helping new users use the platform
  • Responding to user’s questions and comments
  • Helping Huobi maintain and moderate online and offline communities
  • Contributing to Huobi social media content 
  • Helping to spread Huobi’s news
  • Helping Huobi translate and proofread content
  • Providing Huobi with market feedback and suggestions
  • Testing and giving early feedback for beta versions
  • Assisting in organizing online and offline events and meet-ups
  • Helping to build Huobi brand image
  • Any other suggestions that you think will help Huobi grow

Sound like a good fit for you? Why not apply today?

Apply Now!