3 Exciting Changes On The Way For Huobi Prime

Planning on joining us Tuesday, April 16? Then you'll want to read this article.

Are you ready? The second coin launch on Huobi Prime, our pioneering platform for premium coins, is coming up fast on Tuesday, April 16.

Want to know what coin we’ll be listing? You’ll have to wait a little longer for that. Instead, in this post, we’ll be taking you through a few changes we’ll be making for the new launch – among them, a measure that should ensure that all Huobi Prime participants who qualify for and participate in our third round get at least some of the tokens they desire!

If you’re planning on joining us for the launch later this month, you’ll definitely want to read this one. 

#1: The 500 HT Requirement Will Be In Effect

We read your comments. We listened to your feedback. One theme that definitely registered with us was the frustrations many felt due to the overwhelming demand for TOP and the relatively limited supply. In order to better manage demand for our next launch, a modified version of our 500 HT rule will be in effect.

What is the 500 HT rule? In essence, it’s this: only users with an average daily holding of 500 Huobi Token or more over the 30 days prior to a launch will be eligible to participate (in the case of our second launch, that 30-day period started on March 17).

Don’t meet this requirement? You can still take part – though you will have to establish a larger up-front holding of HT on our platform. You can see exactly how much in the table below.

The total amount of new premium tokens you can buy in Huobi Prime will also be based on your average daily holding of HT as of 30 days prior to the launch.

The limits will be as follow:

Average Daily Holding(HT) Trading Limits(USDT)
500 400
1000 800
1500 1200
2000 1600
2500 2000

Please note that the cap in HT will be released closer to the launch date.

#2: Shorter Trading Rounds

First the (relatively) minor news; rather than having 20-minute trading rounds with 10-minute intervals in between, we’ll be shortening things to 5-minute rounds of active trading with 5-minute breaks. Otherwise, the two rounds for our next launch will work similarly to our first launch; a certain amount discounted tokens will be offered to users on a first-come, first-served basis. This will amount to 20% of our total supply of the premium tokens in the first round and 30% in the second.

#3 There Will Be A Special 3rd Round.

Yes, that’s right; we will be adding a very special third round for our next launch. In essence, the way the third round will work is this: we’ll be setting the final 50% of our overall supply of the price limited token aside. Users who have not exhausted their personal cap and place limit buy orders in the third round will receive at least some portion of the tokens they ordered via adjusted system matching.

Orders must be placed at the highest buy price in order to be filled partially and the amount filled will be positively correlated to the size of the order. Orders will be filled based on the following formula:

In simpler terms; all Huobi Prime participants who qualify and place orders in the third round will get at least some of the tokens they want. 


As you can see, we’re making – and plan to continue to make – improvements to Huobi Prime. When we started this project, our objective was to create a better way for the crypto community to access up-and-coming coins. That remains our objective today and that will continue to be so in the future.

See you on the 16th and happy trading!

Disclaimer: Huobi Prime will not, under any circumstances, make price forecasts or representations as to the asset’s investment characteristics. Huobi Prime will not provide any trading or financial advice and Huobi Prime users should conduct independent analysis including, where appropriate, taking third party legal, tax and financial advice.  Huobi Prime is limited to users from jurisdictions where digital asset trading is a permissible activity and no regulatory restrictions apply.