Blockchain 101 Episode 53 – The feature of blockchain asset non replicable

The fourth feature of cryptocurrency is that it is non-replicable. Disseminating information online is through replication. When I send a funny picture to Mr Bull, the internet copies my picture and sends the copied version to him instead of taking away the picture I have.

My picture is still in my smartphone. Hence, copyright infringement has always been a major problem. Texts, images and videos are easy to duplicate, Creating problems for their publishers.

A major reason why cryptocurrencies can function as assets is because they can’t be duplicated. Transactions are done through cryptography instead of replication.

When $1000 worth of cryptocurrencies is sent to Mr Bull, it’s debited from my account and credited into Mr Bull’s account. I will no longer own these cryptocurrencies. Being non-replicable is a key feature that makes cryptocurrencies tradable.