Huobi Teaches London about Quant Trading at a Full-house in Canary Wharf

Hello Friends!

It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet new supporters in the 220+ crowd at the Huobi Quant Summit event in London.

Held in Level 39 — the fintech hub of Canary Wharf, the Huobi Global team spoke to a very attentive crowd of crypto traders looking to learn more about Huobi and the financial services it offers.

Charlie Tsai opened the afternoon with a short introduction of Huobi Group and the recent top news releases in Europe followed by an introduction to the UK office (we’re hiring!) by Lester Li. Siyu Pan reviewed how the Huobi Global Elite Program works and how to sign up as Gray Meng explained quant trading and Marc Ortaliz discussed order types.

There was also a superb panel of key UK influencers discussing quant trading. It was moderated by Ms Ding Ding, Co-founder & Managing Director of UK China Catalyst. Ding Ding has been actively involved with Blockchain investment initiatives in UK, China and beyond. Panel members Jakob Palmstierna, Director of Investments as GSR; Hitesh Mistry,Morgan Stanley, GLG and INDX; Neil Staunton,Founder of Crypton and Anthony Lesoismier, CSO and Co-founder SwissBorg discussed topics ranging from the definition of quant trading and the relationship to the AI technology, to investment and operation strategies for both institutions and individuals, as well as general dos and don’ts when quant trading.

Gordon Chen spoke about the Huobi Chain project and recruitment, and the presentations came to a close with Chern Chung presented HADAX and the Supernode Club.

After the formal part of the event, guests enjoyed drinks and nibbles in the relaxed atmosphere of the Level 39 lounge area. Sporting spectacular views of London, this was some of the best crypto networking in London so much so people who worked in other parts of the office building were also joining in!

T-shirts were given away to audience members who tweeted using the event hastag and within 24-hours one thrilled t-shirt recipient posted a photo of himself on the official Telegram channel in his new shirt: “Rocking the new Huobi t-shirt. Street Crypto fitness baby!! ‘Be an Elite, Win the World’ ” — Steve Bonchev

A shout out goes out to Chern Cheng for his emcee skills and keeping the afternoon on track while also managing to give an informative talk!

Once again London, thank you for your crypto enthusiasm! We hope to see you again soon!

The Huobi Global Team